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About Advanced Property Services LLC

Advanced Property Services LLC, Specializes in ONE DAY bathroom remodels with the highest quality of acrylic tub liners, wall systems and walk-thru inserts at the lowest price GUARANTIED!

We are committed to excellence.  Having over 10 years experience with installing acrylic tub liners and wall systems, Steve has perfected the art.

Some companies say they have a “one piece” wall system, which turns into about a TEN  piece system with all of the trim molding that is necessary to complete it (if you look closely , you can see it). All of these additional seams can collect water and mold if not installed correctly.

Our wall system is superior because unlike the one piece, the 3 piece has expansion joints in the corners allowing the system to expand and contract with the temperatures inside your tub area.

Having over 16 years in home remodeling and repairs, our expertise also includes: Plumbing, Electrical, Carpentry, Flooring, and Painting.

Being the top installer for other businesses, Steve Stachowiak owner and founder, started the company in April of 2007 so he can offer customers the BEST of everything including the highest quality of work at the lowest price.

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